Takibi &Zen Retreat〜Insight Quest

Gain insight through bonfire, Zen, and dialogue
日程:Friday, November 17th - Saturday, November 18th, 2023
場所:Machida City, Tokyo
講師:*Planning and management: Masahiro Mori / Minoru Nosoko Zazen instruction: Ryoudenji Zen monk
定員:8 people Participation fee: actual cost

A retreat where you gather firewood, light a bonfire, sit around a fire, and have a conversation with yourself, your friends, and nature, in a Zen-like flow of time such as zazen and work. This is a one-night, two-day stay in which you can reaffirm your true meaning of existence and gain insight.

★We have reached the capacity of applications, so we are currently waiting for cancellations. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please let us know via "Contact Email".


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●Three elements of this retreat

◆Bonfire(Takibi): An activity that resonates with the wild nature that is the root of humankind. The transformation and dissolution of thinking brought about by fluctuations.

◆Zen: Subtraction, not addition. Immerse yourself in the action at hand, without separating the purpose from the means.

◆Dialogue: The importance of not rushing to conclusions, not jumping to conclusions, and of suspending


●Time spent by participants

◆Bonfire(Takibi) time: Gather firewood yourself, decide where to burn it, grow it to the desired size, and maintain the bonfire. In addition to relaxing in front of the fire, this series of activities will give you time to discover your inner self.

◆Time for zazen: In many cases, zazen does not make you feel empty. However, people tend to sit with the goal of becoming nothing. Sitting time is an opportunity to "just quietly feel and understand" what is happening in your heart and mind.

◆Work time: In Zen, work such as chopping bamboo bushes, sweeping the garden, and raging are considered to be equivalent to sitting. It is a mindful attitude in which one immerses oneself in one's actions without distinguishing between the purpose and the means, such as preparing for something.

◆Dialogue time: Dialogue with oneself, such as bonfire, zazen, and work. And a conversation with people around a slightly larger fire. Even if it's just 1 night or 2 days, your stay will allow you to think about important things rather than pressing on with urgent tasks.

◆Time for daily life: Many business people do not have time for daily life. As a boss, as a subordinate, as a husband, as a wife, as a parent. You can enjoy spending time in your own life, which is different from fulfilling your role.

●About the venue

◆ Ryoudenji Temple:
Toukouzan Ryoudenji Temple, built in 1629, is a temple located in Tadao, Machida City, Tokyo, in a quiet forest and blessed with abundant spring water. The spacious grounds are dotted with places such as the graveyard of the Yanada family, who built the temple, and Ryuogaike Pond, which has a legend about its founding.Flowers, birds, and insects let you know the changing seasons.
*2-5-33 Tadao, Machida City, Tokyo, approximately 20 minutes by bus from Machida Station, approximately 5 minutes walk from the bus stop

◆Shukubo “Taizen”
A high-quality space where you can feel the warmth of wood, making use of old trees on the premises.
There are 3 bedrooms for 2 people, 1 tatami room for 4 people, a living room with approximately 24 tatami mats, and 2 shower rooms.

●About the bonfire(Takibi)

Light your own bonfire using firewood collected from the back mountain. Our staff will teach you how to make a good fire. Additionally, the organizers will provide the tools needed for the bonfire (fire scissors, leather gloves, etc.), so there is no need to bring them.

●About zazen

We will practice zazen under the guidance of Ryoudenji  Zen monks. Even first-timers can experience it with confidence.


2023/11/17 (Fri) 10:00


2023/11/18 (Sat) around 14:00

●Participation fee

There is no participation fee for monitoring. The actual cost of food and drinks will be paid on-site.

●How to apply

Please apply by filling out the required information in the Google form linked below.
*If you decide to participate, we will send you a "participation guide" by email.

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●Reference timetable